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hi! i am 21 yr old theatre student from bathurst. I am an intelligent, attractive guy with long light brown hair... some ppl say i look like a lion. I dunno...

I'm pretty tall (6'3") and muscular, i have big green eyes, strong jaw and big lips. I have a strong thick cock, broad shoulders, and a barrel chest. I'm big, but not overweight... though i'm not athletic or sporty, i do some acrobatics and dancing etc as part of my course.
My big interests tho, are music (playing guitar, singing, writing, listening) and sex (as many different and exciting experiences as i can pack into this life... )
I am a considerate and passionate lover, and i derive just as much pleasure from seeing u squirm... i want to serve a beautiful woman and make u feel like a goddess... i also love a woman who loves to dress up (high heels, boots, corsets, leather, lingerie, costumes etc)
I'm from bathurst nsw, and if any women nearby think you might be interested, mail me and i'll tell u some more about myself.... ... and there is a LOT more. ;)

ps. i should have some good pics soon, as i am getting a camera....
Looking for
i want to meet a woman who likes to take control and know what she wants, but also loves to play...
i would love to meet some attractive older women, but any age is fine if u r confident and love to show off your body, seduce and tease...

any interest in a little spanking, light bondage etc would be fun too...