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Just looking for friends. Already found my soulmate. Even though we can't be together, she will always be in my heart forever as the ONE. Nothing and no one will change that. No I'm not from Australia, just like meeting people from all over the world. I live in Utah, USA... no I'm not mormon either. I install Field Turf, and build Football, Baseball, Rugby, Lacrosse, and Soccer fields. In the off season I work at a car dealership in the sales department. I'm pretty much utterly alone now. I keep to myself from now on when it comes to relationships because relationships have always screwed me over. Only looking for friends, nothing more. I can't and won't take another lover period, so don't try. Amber is my only.
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Anyone really... just looking for a friend to chat with. I'm not ready for a relationship, so if that's what your looking for, then I'm not the guy for you. But if you want someone you can talk to about everything and anything, then hit me up. I can talk about anything from politics and religion, to sex and family.