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I freely acknowledge that I'm a little bit off centre. I'm quite outgoing....sometimes....and quite reserved...other times. :) Don't break any mirrors but like most people am not happy with my looks - I keep watching my hair recede.....:) , have a questionable dress sense and have a tendancy to whinge (with my best intentions, honest!!).
On the plus side, have a fantastic sense of humour and always consider others before myself...sometimes to my detriment. Am reasonably intelligent and wanting to dote on that someone special eventually.
Looking for
Honestly??? A clone of Allyssa Milano or Liz Hurley. Am attracted to that kind of look and Liz's accent....mmm.....

Realistically, as long as you can appreciate life, understand that money does not solve everything(that's cos I have none :) ) and are easygoing, then I'm sure we will enjoy each others company.

A sense of humour and love for animals, sport and nature is a massive plus.
Occasionally pride in your appearance and the ability to be quite affectionate is a must.