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Ann Arbor
Just seeing whos around :) send me a msg, love to chat to ppl from all over.

Im in a good place now and im staying here, no-one`s going to move me!!! Well you may move me but dont expect me to stay where I dont want to be! :-)

I`m in Canberra for Uni, getting to know ppl- have made some very special friends, and I’m having a ball here.

I`m very loyal to my friends and family, experiencing life, makin the most of it - when im not sloggin away at the Uni work (which i need to do more of :-P)!!!

Wanna Know more just ask. :)
Looking for
I'm coming to Melb for a couple of weeks for work. Would love to meet new ppl and have a drink or two. So send me a msg :)

Now this is difficult, how does one condense your likes dislikes and d`rathers?

Well i guess:
Honest - cos I might not be! :-P
Luvs life
Can have FUN!!
An X and Y chromosone!! -and who acts like they have them ;)
Caring - you can still be masculine and caring!! :)
Move - you`ve gotta be able to move with the music and not care what you look like just feel and enjoy!

Ok that is by no means an exhaustive description. So why dont you just msg me u`ll get a reply when iv got the messages :)!!

Fuck buddies and onenighters are fine to a point, but they wont get you through a fulfilled life, it`s your mates that will... That`s what I’m looking for, mates to do anything and everything in life with, and if it just so happens that one of my mates knocks me off my feet....