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`m a passionate, empathic man, on an around the world tour. I`m Canadian, and I`ve been gone from home for `bout 8 months, and don`t plan on stopping for another 5 years or so... Maybe I`ll never stop?

Well spoken, well educated and forgiving. I treat others like I like to be treated, and that`s working extremely well for me. I`m just one of those dudes that it becomes readily apparent that I`m bull shit free fairly quickly. Well, I think it is! lol! :)

I can be fairly intense, especially when I"m going on a rant about something or other... Not surprisingly, the more cougars I`ve had, the more passionate I get.

My ideal match at this point is some one who is living life to the most. I truly believe that life as we know it is quite short, and I have no time for people who are bored with life. Excitement and fullfillment come from within.
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Who am I? You can’t put something likethat in a little box, but here it goes.

I’m an honest, friendly guy and can safely say I don’t have a malicious bone in my body. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a softie, I just don’t go around picking fights. I’m looking to work on doin’ some hardcore fucking. I’ve been oppressed way to long, and I’m really dying to get out and really explore my darker sexual side. I’ve only dabled in a bit of bondage, never tried anal... Gah! It’s depressing! Free my sexuality!
My brown skin comes from my caribean father and my white momma.
The scar? I was a doorman in Perth and I didn’t duck quick enough!

Aight, I’m reading my profile, and it sounds like I can’t root. I gotta say, I got real good at makin’ love once upon a time, now I’m lookin’ to learn to fuck. I’m definetly game for learning with some one in the same position. Could be a hella lotta fun!

Curious if the myth is true? 8 inches says yes!