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IRISH Love fun allways laughing chatty"

Things I love or like
Love my home Country Ireland,
Love Travelling
Love my pet Dogs
Love Cooking
Love Socialising whit Good friends

My Ex.ís loved My Honesty, My big hart, or, making them laughs. The way I cook cooking I get so passionate. (In the beginning most not all my Ex, s would burn tost not any more)

A little about myself Im Maintenance Manager for a fairly well known Hotel+Bar+ Night Club chain. So I can get passes for most events in my chains (There well known spots)
I can also get drink at cost price!!!!!
I am a tradeís man (need anything fixed)
I‚m always laughing,

My favourite experiences in life

When my little brother was born. He 13 Im 26 so it was a big shock to us all but hes grate I love him,
Getting my trade Paper's
Starting my own business,
Realising life do's not have to be taken seriously,
Leaving my home and all and travelling the world the last few years,
Selecting Sydney to stay and live grate people!

Finely my favourite film --- The Shaw Shank Redemption--------
Why Because He was really down life done him wrong He never gave up and found his own way out and topped it all off by not forgetting his friends and helping him have a new life (legend)
Looking for
Someone that dos not take life serious willing to laugh and knows Sydney is a made place to live. Would be able to escape the rat race whit me making everything easer simply because we would have each other... Make this simple im easy going!!!!!!!!!!!