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I'm an outgoing person, a bitchy type not because I'm nasty or anything it's just that I'm being true to myself. I enjoy a hot cup of chocco while watching the sunset during my free time. I have a natural killer body, a strong personality. I love traveling a lot. I grew up in the Philippines and I just transferred here in Sydney a week ago and I'm current looking for someone to hook up so if you guys wanna hang out feel free to add me or contact me and we'll take it from there...thanks...
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I wanna meet people who are fun to be with and adventurious. Someone who I can learn something from, be it people who are paraniods, Psychologically disturbed, intellectually stimulating, sexually confused, sex fiends, supressed virgins, good looking, unfornutely looking. Someone who would take me into a driveway without an end, in every rough course, in every red lights and every traffic jam.