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More About Myself.My Personality, Long-Term Goals, Partner Expectations, etc.I Am a fun loving person in search of someone with the same attitude. I love to travel, meet people of different cultures and experience life in diffferent places. I am very sociable. At the same time I am hardworking and philosophical in my outlook towards life.I am looking for a true love of life.who is as enthusiastic and positive about life as I am. Our relationship must be based on mutual respect, appreciation and support for each other. My life partner must be enthusiastic and should share common intersts. I am open to all nationaliies and religions. am confident, smart, fun-loving, caring, talkative, romantic, good-loving, outgoing, successfull, helpfull, understanding, caring, thoughtful, faithful, loyal, and a wonderful sport man.As a person i have strong values, im a self releant person, i take lifes situations as they come, im, responsible, mature, Sociable, polite, good natured, modest, down-to-earth, fun-loving, intelligent.
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Has strong family values Attractive and considertate of other people's feelings. and a goal-oriented person who believes that to be successful in life, one has to work hard. I love exploring new things in life that's what makes life so interesting... I beleive in liveing as good as you can and as it cames make the best of it. Life for me is so good when i make and do all the hard work and have a wounderful time off from hard work and times that needs a true love near you that’s what makes a new world for you! avery day of life. someone who can be there when i am in a bad time and makes you keep on going on & growing with me and learning all about life. it takes 2 to keep you going on in this big world of LIFE..