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1) Zesty, tantilising, get into each others' lives type conversations.

2) Those turn-around events in the day that transform the ordinary stuck-in-a-rut feeling into a new tasty possibility.

3) A conversation with you.

I am an open and enthusiastic. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life with the in between occassions of "let's get out there and hit the town".

I relish sharing great cups of coffee with great people, sharing, laughing, experiencing life and exploring my new concept of being wickedly related with people.

I invite you to be Adventorous!
Contact me now - Would love to hear from you.
Looking for
I am looking for someone willing to let their guard down and try anything once.

Coffees! Dancing, ambling chats, or just staying home sharing a great movie.

Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and can laugh at themselves and me. Treats themselves and others with respect.

Anyway you are, works great for me! I am always up for new experiences.