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Hi, thank you for looking at my profile... !!

If you don’t see what you want to know … please ask !

I’m just an typical Aussie guy really!!
This year it dawned on me that I'm what’s referred to as middle aged, Arrrgh, however I really don’t feel it!!
I realize life’s short, very short and I want to take a break and have lots of FUN and share the pleasure!!

Then I look in the mirror and see I’m not 25 anymore, the picture I've used here is a few months old and I'm now clean shaven with shorter hair.

I’m a solid well built guy, uninhibited, easygoing, with a very wicked sense of humor,
I like a laugh, have a friendly and happy personality and outlook!
I’m sensual and extremely touchy feely, I also love to cuddle.
I'm easy to get on with and talk to, if your shy don’t worry - it will be fine!

I enjoy chatting and meeting new people.

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Looking for
I've joined in the hope of meeting an attractive lady, and (small) size is NOT a prerequisite, you don’t have to be a ‘slim sexy goddess as I believe an average or full bodied lady is really wonderful and sensual in fact.

I'm not seeking heaps of one night stands, I prefer a relationship with a bond that can establish respect, appreciation and that unique understanding of each other’s real needs and desires.

* * * * Is that you ??

Come on then say hi,

It’s ok, I wont bite, well not too hard anyway :)