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..Basically I am a person who likes to have fun, but knows when to be serious. I try to take things as they come. I can be very stubborn and bull-headed, but don't let that fool you. I am usually smiling and laughing with my friends, who are my heart and soul. I also love spending time with my brother. For those who are dear to me, I will do anything and everything for. People say I wear my heart on my sleeve, but is that always a bad thing? Who knows? Also, they say my best feature is my smile. So maybe one day you can make me smile & see if it is true. :-)

....i'm a simple girl,frienly,i love music,cooking, the ocean, Nature, meat, extreme sports, cleanliness, hair (no not nasty body hair!),reading about true crime, coffee, the outdoors...
Looking for
..**someone who takes things as they come**

..and really anyone who has a great sense of humor cause im a dork myself and i love to laugh!