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Hello! I'm Gavin. I'm 24 and i live in the city (Surry Hills). My job is checkout chick at Woolworths.

I'm a very easy-going guy. I'm very quiet at first until i get to know you. I'm up for anything anytime. I don't get bored easily. As long as i'm with company i'm happy. I like to see people happy. I pride myself on being honest. I'm too honest a lot of the time! Generous. Courteous. Sincere. Always positive. I don't like negative people. Patient. I never take myself too seriously. I like to joke and tease in good spirit.

i'm 5"8. brown hair and eyes. Skinny. I'm usually a jeans and shirt sort of guy but if you can think of anything better feel free! No tattoos or piercings. Yeah i'm so boring.

I'm pretty old-fashioned in a lot of ways. I'm a big romantic. I fantasise about going to dinner with someone special and walking along the beach and all that corny stuff! I'm up for anything as i said. Quiet nights at home or drinks with friends or going dancing or a movie or dinner or travelling.
I also love seeing new things and going to new places. The beach is always good. I've never been overseas so i can't wait to go somewhere one day.
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I'm looking for friends or something long-term. I'm not fussy. I'll be happy to talk to anyone and if anything happens then great.

I would like to meet people who don't have a problem with my shyness as i'm quiet at first and this bothers some.