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Ann Arbor
Well, after you get done reading the fifty profiles from women telling you that they’re newly divorced and are looking for a job and a new partner, I wanted to tell you about someone a little different.

Anyways, I’m 34, I’m happy, well-adjusted, and I have a refreshing abundance of personality. (I like laughing a lot, so I certainly hope you do too.).
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Describe the woman I am looking for: I’m not looking for her - I’ve already seen her. She likes to dream, but she’s afraid to trust, sometimes afraid to risk. But now she knows that even the best time alone doesn’t compare to a good time with someone to share it with. Her eyes see grace and poetry in the world, but she’s still a little afraid to tell others about it for fear of looking too sentimental. She saw me and thought: ‘Wow! What an interesting way to package such a wonderful being. Hmm, Guess I’ll need to come back to find out where she gets her fire and ambition.

If you are femme, slim and single and you think you’ll make an interesting friend, let’s talk and find out if getting a delicious cup of fun with me is better than dating women from another planet.