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I am a very spiritual person who has a strong, chivalrous, kind, loving, friendly and outgoing personality. I am thoughtful and generous with everyone. I am a self-confident individual who enjoys talking with and helping others. As a good listener, I am very understanding and compassionate about the needs and desires of others. I am liberal in my political views, . , in my spare time I enjoy traveling around the world, as well as Europe with my friends. Visiting great restaurants and having friendly conversation is most enjoyable. I also enjoy watching classic movies and attending plays and concerts. At times, I simply enjoy doing absolutely nothing - which rarely happens. My favorite activity is walking or sitting on the beach while watching the beautiful sun set with the movement of the ocean. Throughout my travels, it has been a great joy to see the various enchanting vistas painted by the sun around the world. Although I work any where around the world cuz my job is all about travelling
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I am looking for my best friend and soul mate. This guy should be trustworhty, loyal, spiritual, affectionate, and romantic. he should be able to communicate his thoughts and innermost feelings. he should also have a down-to-earth attitde regarding life and all that happens throughout one's life. This guy should be a blend of strenght, yet tender, playful yet serious, feisty yet feminine, and a romantic who wants to share her life with me in marriage. Hopefully, this guy will share my love and a wonderful romance will grow and develop.And i don't mind relocating