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Female, Couple,
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Ann Arbor
Here basically to have a little bit of fun and indulgence. I'm pretty busy with work and thought this is the way to go to find someone with similar interests and needs.

like to think i can be entertaining company. I can hold a pretty good topical conversation, be articulate and enjoy a bit of flirty fun, and would love some of the same from a potential friend and lover.

Of course I'm into great food and wine (who isn't, we all have to eat let's make it worthwhile), the movies, music, reading, cooking and most of the good stuff our busy lives present us.

Some adult fun without commitment is what I seek. Dinner, drinks, coffee, chat, flirt and if any or all of that works then getting our clothes off and wowing each other should naturally come next.
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Age doesn't have to be a barrier.

I'm here to meet people, not chat/message for weeks on end, swap a million pictures or play with other peoples time. So....

I would really like it if you were...Keen to meet face to face, Have a good sense of what you are here for, Feel that you are confident with conversation and have something worth listening to, Want to listen to me, Enjoy sex (not just WANT it), know what you're doing when you do get to that point and have consideration for your partner (me)