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Ann Arbor
I am Linda...31yrs old man am very loyal and truthful person indeed... I am GOD fearing that dislike game and lies too... I am very romantic, loving, sharing, sweet, understanding, and sincere. I love been around with the power of love commanding me......I am social and also active and serious when it comes to relationship. I wish every one is like me says my so call friends.. Because they found true love and kindness in me. and I am proud to be a mentor to who ever that comes my way including my eternity man to they said there is love in sharing.... I wish to share all me time with someone I love with great sense of caring and honor too.... indeed am a man of my words and self independence. Social life is one of the sweetest biological things we need there is known need pretending for it. If you love me speak it out and let the word hear it also me I don't deny my feelings... I love holding hands and swiping into your ears am very romantic and I have sweet words to tell....I can't wait to share my knowledge of love with you.....please be mine
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i need a man who is loving caring honest faithfull decent humble man...........