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Ann Arbor
We are looking for a female playmate!!!

We’re a young, discreet couple. Straight male and bi-sexual female seeking the company of fun and friendly females... We enjoy keeping in shape, love to laugh, tend to bite off more than we can chew, you know, the usual stuff, she talks too much, he listens to little… :)

We both have very healthy sex drives, and just want to share what we have together with someone else… We both get a bit of a thrill out of having a guest present, and who wouldn’t!

We WILL get back to you, and ask that you do the same. Even if it’s a “thanks but no thanks”, we’d rather rejection than nothing at all!!

… Oh, and one more thing;
Please, if you initiate and send us a wink, flirt or message, BE SURE YOU ARE INTERESTED!!... We’d like to hope that if you send us something, you’d like to chat further, meet sometime and see if we click! If we don’t , that’s ok, but NO TEASING… That’s just cruel!

All of us are on here for our own reasons, ours is to have threesomes with the right kind of ladies, and we KNOW you’re out there! If this sounds like fun to you, get in touch, we’d love to meet you...!
Looking for
Looking for women with a sense of humour, fun disposition, lovely body and beautiful personality… and of course… a willingness to… ;)

I know the profile says girls play while guys watch, but that’s the only option that sounded like what we were after.... actually, he’ll be playing too, and I promise girls, you WON’T regret it!! ;)