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I'm pretty outgoing, if you want my pic ask for it, ill send you it from my phone, so you know you are getting the genuine article.

I apologise for this crappy picture, I dont have a digital camera, all ive got is my phone, and this picture was taken ages ago. if you want a more recent pic, message me and ill think about handing out my number.

Look I am a very caring person, and I have never broken up with a girl on bad terms, all my previous ex's still love me to tears as best friends, so what ever I'm doing I better stick to it.

Looking for
Hey I have no preferance,

even if you just looking for a friend im here.

I'm not shallow when it comes to girls, but there are limits, I am not after drama..... AT ALL.

I am looking for a sweetie, someone who is adorable, and outgoing.

If you dont have personality I wont find you interesting.