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Im a lovely girl who is always up for a laugh. Im a homosexual so i am looking for a lovely girl. Im a fluent gaelic speaker, doing higher biology and music, credit maths and english and standard grade geography. I play piano and a bit of the clarsach(harp). Im an athletic girl. Im a swimmer, runner, play football, and a lot more. I love cooking, my specialty is bread. I love my wii, it's sooooooooooooo cool. When i meet my dream girl we could probably play wii sex. lol.
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My ideal partner has to be beautiful, obviously, funny, loving, honest and fun to be with. I'd love her to be into sports but it's ok if she's not. It'll be great if she is fun in bed because i love to experiment. She has to be smart and incredibly talkative because i can't stop. lol. That's all i want in a girl. Thank you very much.