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Ann Arbor
I the gentle, tender girl simply a titbit.
Average growth, blond, blue-eyed, romantic,
Sexual, with sense of humour, I appreciate in the attitude(relation) honesty
Sincerity and patience. I would want that the menu liked, such
What I am.
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I dream to find the person who could teach me much, open new horizons. With
Who will be interesting for going, dancing, singing and only to sit in
Rainy day in a window in embraces each other and a sight at decrease of a rain
In silence.
I search for the strong person who is interested smth and can do others
Interested it. The person who could be support to me, to the friend and the fan,
Who knows that it is real romantic, who can do to fall in love
It! Where - you? Please, write to me soon. I wait for you!